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The Lake Palace

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Recreation & Leisure

Paradise beside the Lily Pond:

The shimmering Lake Pichola surrounds the Lake Palace with a unique mystique, all its own. The Lily pond seems to carry that very mystique inside, in the center of the palace. Here, dining is a pleasure during the day. And magic at night. The effect is that of time coming to a standstill. Nothing intrudes your privacy, peace and tranquility. Leaving you to wonder if paradise can be this serene.

The Palace of Romance:
The Lake palace was conceived in romance. The location, too, is testimony. Floating in the center of the shimmering waters of Lake pichola. Where each sunrise is more beautiful than last. And no night quite like the other. Where you and your beloved can dine under a canopy of stars, while gently gliding over the placid waters of the lake. With the Palace casting its long reflection over the calm waters, lending the night a magical aura.

Khus Mahal Suite:
Sunlight streams through the stained glass windows casing the splattering of colours on the wall and floor. Khus Mahal is a kaleidoscope that changes with the sun's movement, a symphony of hues played in orchestrated harmony. The Khus Mahal Suite is all about capturing a mood and it does so with inimitable style. From the antique jhoola (swing) in the middle of the room, to its passion of colours, this suite is the passion of colours, this suite is the epitome of royal splendor.

Sarva Ritu Suite:
Dramatic. From the brilliant Waterford crystal chandelier to the intricate inlay work that adorns the arches. The Sarva Ritu's carved silver headboards and striking marble patterned flooring reflect a life of refined elegance. The elements of romance brilliantly preserved in the decor of this room.

Sajjan Niwas Suite:
Vivid colours, interwoven with delicate dreams and lasting memories. Intricately carved ornate furniture melts into the delicately painted glass inlay wall panels. And a hint of a blue Bohemian crystal wall light enhances the fullness of this exquisite suite.

Breakfast on the Lake:
Catch the most beautiful sunrise when the day breaks on the lake. Or the cool starlit nights. On a small secluded flotilla on the serene waters of Lake Pichola. Then call for breakfast. So you can be left alone to spend the most intimate moments of the day with the one that you love, in a wondrous setting.

The Poolside: (A retreat for rest and relaxation)
Created for the private frolics of princesses, the pool invites, entices, cajoles you onwards and into its cool depths. or if a swim does not take your fancy, you could laze around the pool, letting the sun caress you its gentle warmth.

The Gangaur Boat Cruise:
There is no night the Lake Palace quite like the other. A special theme evening can be arranged on request for you your guests. you could enjoy traditional Mewari specialities, under a canopy of stars as you glide gently along the mystical Lake pichola with the lights of the palace, casting their long reflections on the still calm waters. Lending the night an aura of wondrous magic.

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